If you are paying for the shoot: EPS_7049_edited-1-EditEPS_7049_edited-1-Edit

Unlike many studios, if you pay me for the shoot, you are entitled to the digital files.  You are paying me for my time.  I can have the pictures printed for you or give you the names of several reputable digital printers.  If you ever want to print more, just have more printed. I reserve the right to toss those images that do not meet my aesthetic or technical standards (e.g. out of focus, half-blink, etc.)
If we both decide that the pictures are exemplary, I may ask you to sign a release form that will let me use them on my web-site.  It's up to you whether you want to grant me the permission to do so.

If you are not paying for the shot:

If the shoot is TFP or TFCD (time for pictures or time for CD), we are both volunteering our time.  I own the images but you are allowed to use them (the ones we both agree on) for promotional purposes.  While I will ask you to sign a release form, I am very sensitive to models' feelings and will avoid publishing images that you hate.
In a TFP or a TFCD situation, expect at least two or three fully color corrected, publication quality jpegs.  If you want me to work on additional images, give me a call.

In both cases:

Since some of the work that I do involve partial or full nudity, rest assured that I will always consult with you before publishing any of those images.