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A successful shoot is a a result of a real cooperation between the photographer and the customer.  Our shoots take a little while and often involve a lot of preparation beforehand.  Please, please inform us at least two days in advance if you need to reschedule. 

a) Preparation:  Please look through magazines and/or the web for the poses that you would like to try.  Practice the poses and facial expressions in front the mirror and if possible, send me either the pictures or links to pictures that you find attractive.

b) Preparation II: Try to get plenty of sleep the night before.  Bags, dark circles and bloodshot eyes will show.

c) Props:  Please call or email me first to discuss.

d) Clothing: I understand that putting together a perfect outfit (hair, shoes, and accessories) takes time.  Please come dressed and ready and please bring more than one outfit to a shoot since what looks good in person may not look as good on a flat picture.

Avoid distracting patterns that will become the object of the picture instead of you.  All black and all white outfits are fine but may not look good in black-and-white pictures.  Please give every piece of clothing a quick check for threads, rips, runs, etc.  Please cut off any tags that may show, particularly on sheer, mesh or translucent fabrics.

e) Shoes:    

Women: if we will be shooting 3/4 or taller portraits, consider bringing a pair of high-heeled shoes; more often than not wearing them creates pleasing lines and elongates the spine

Men: please shine the leather shoes if the scuff marks are obvious.  Sneakers (if you must) should be clean.

f) Makeup:

Women:  I prefer that you keep it to a minimum in standard headshots.  If you prefer a more glamorous look, please feel free to wear more, but try to avoid anything shiny or mineral-y.   Please use a concealer sparingly.

Men: If you do not want the 5-o'clock-shadow look, please shave a couple of hours before the shoot.  Use a concealer to hide shaving inaccuracies.

Both: Please, do not try new makeup, hair or skin care products for the shoot.  You may react to them.  Just stay with what you know.

g) Red Marks: Do not wear anything restrictive over skin that will end up exposed.  Red marks can be very difficult to Photoshop out invisibly and can take up to an hour to disappear.  Watches, glasses, bra straps, tight-fitting jewelry, socks -- all of these can leave red marks as well.

h) Bling:  Headshots -- Off.  Glamour -- feel free to bring it, but avoid anything terribly reflective: dull is good, very shiny is bad.  Leave the 10-carat flawless at home.

i) Nails:  If your hands or feet will be in the photograph, be sure your nails are manicured.  No nail-polish is better than cracked and chipped nail-polish.   Avoid bright red in black-and-white portraits.

j) Eyes: This is the first thing people see in pictures.

Women: Please use extra care in applying eye makeup on the day of the shoot.  If you will be wearing artificial eyelashes, use even more extra care.

Both: Please tell me if you are wearing contacts.

k) Food:  Please avoid colored food and beverages for a couple of hours before the shoot as they can stain your teeth.  It may be a good idea to bring a toothbrush.  Drink plenty of water the day before.

l) Buddies:  please avoid bringing friends, neighbors and relatives to a shoot.  It's an issue of an emotional connection -- you will be responding to them rather than the camera and may feel silly making faces and poses.  This, of course, does not apply to minors:  a guardian must be on the premises or immediately nearby when the subject is under 18.