Our shoots typically take at least an hour.  Our goal is for you to have a picture that you will cherish for years and rushing a shoot is simply the wrong way to go. 

During the shoot, I will ask you to move your body and hold poses.  I will be readjusting the lights while you are keeping the same pose.  If you are ever uncomfortable (too hot, too cold, foot going asleep, etc.), please tell me immediately -- the last thing I want is for you is to not feel your best.

Please inform me if you are going to bring a "support person" -- I will certainly welcome them and I will make accommodations for them.

You can have as many clothing and accessory changes as you wish within the allotted time.  In my experience, sessions that last longer than 2hrs become less productive.  A 1-2 hour session will yield about ten to twenty potential images.

Within a few days of the shoot,  we will do bulk color correction of the images and set up a site for you to choose your images.

Please tell me if anyone in your party is allergic to cats.

Remember, a shoot that results in a single wonderful image is a successful shoot.